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Did you know that OSHA just updated their Guidelines for Safety and Health Programs- first released 30 years ago? Upon reviewing their article announcing the change, we couldn’t help but notice how much their new focus around these guidelines perfectly parallels with our Mission and Purpose at SafetyTech.

OSHA explains, “The main goal of safety and health programs is to prevent workplace injuries, illnesses, and deaths, as well as the suffering and financial hardship these events can cause for workers, their families, and employers. The recommended practices use a proactive approach to managing workplace safety and health. Traditional approaches are often reactive –that is, problems are addressed only after a worker is injured or becomes sick, a new standard or regulation is published, or an outside inspection finds a problem that must be fixed. These recommended practices recognize that finding and fixing hazards before they cause injury or illness is a far more effective approach.”

The proactive approach is something we have been working on for years at SafetyTech. Our JSACloud app includes predefined or customizable JSA templates that include a list all job steps, potential hazards and the risks and consequences associated with them. All workers on the site, must review the form and electronically sign. This ensures that everyone is aware of the risks at hand and that they have a thorough understanding of the process required to stay safe.

Should an incident happen, the JSACloud application allows workers to quickly and conveniently identify issues that arise on the job site. Through various reports, workers and supervisors are able to immediately make changes to the processes they are taking. Employers can also review these events to take proactive approaches towards avoiding future hazards. All incidents become learning events and therefore create a safer work environment.

OSHA continues on to explain, “The idea is to begin with a basic program and simple goals and grow from there. If you focus on achieving goals, monitoring performance, and evaluating outcomes, your workplace can progress along the path to higher levels of safety and health achievement.”

These practices are exactly what SafetyTech recommends as well. Through the utilization of our Safety Capabilities Maturity Model we are able to establish what safety level our clients are at and then help them to grow rapidly into the next level. We use our Safety Life Cycle to help clients, document issues, complete a root cause analysis, improve upon their faults and communicate the outcomes to employees. Ultimately creating a safer workplace.

A more detailed explanation of the guidelines can be found in the attached site. We recommend reading through them and to use them as a standard for creating a safety culture at your work place.

We are always here to help you WORK SAFER NOW.

To learn more about SafetyTech, our products and services or how we operate, continue to look through our site or call us at 844-655-SAFE.

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