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98% of our incoming calls are coming from workers just like yours and they’re demanding safer job sites! That’s right! More and more employees are calling our customer service department to report unsafe work environments.

Your employees discuss the daily issues they’re faced with at work with our customer service reps. Our people explain what SafetyTech offers in order to create a safety culture, and, in return, a safer work environment. We and ask your workers if they’d like us to contact their boss to discuss these options, but most choose to contact OSHA instead. They believe a wake-up call is more likely to get them the safe job sites they so desperately need. Together, we work to find them the local OSHA office in your area so that they can report the unsafe conditions.

We all know what happens next, a few days after we get off the phone with your employee, OSHA will be knocking on your door. Are you ready for their inspection?

SafetyTech’s JSACloud Professional App starts at less than $20 a month and has been designed to be OSHA compliant- all while keeping workers safe! With the OSHA fines per penalty coming in as high as $12,675, is there really a need to question whether this app can help you? Which would you rather take a gamble with?

Call us at 855-644-SAFE before your workers do. Save money while saving lives

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